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Prepare Your Skin For Winters
Delhi| Winter can make your skin dry and dull. Try using cleansers, moisturisers and sunscreen to keep the glow intact

Here are some easy to follow tips

1) Use of a cleanser: Cleansing the skin is important at the beginning of the day and while going to bed to get rid of the dirt and grime that the skin is subjected to during the day. Even people with normal to oily skin may need to use pH neutral cleansers during winter. A harsh cleanser can irritate the skin, increase the risk of eczemas and leaves the skin feeling rough and itchy.

2.)Use of moisturisers: There is no moisturiser suitable for all. A humectant glycerine is usually mild and soaks inside the skin without feeling too heavy or greasy on the skin surface. If one has a collection of dead skin, then a mild exfoliant may be used to gently scrub away the dead skin

3.)Use of sunscreen: After the harsh summer heat, the cool weather brings a certain amount of relief. The general tendency is to believe that one doesn't need sunscreen as there is hardly any sunlight. This is purely a myth as sunscreens protect from ultra-violet (UV) light and it is visible in winter too. Use of a sunscreen is therefore mandatory during winters and one may use a greasier sunscreen formulation like a lotion instead of a gel.
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