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Air India to cross-train its 3,500-strong cabin crew for entire fleet
New Delhi| AirIndia will start training its cabin crew for all kinds of aircraft rather thankeeping a pool of people for a particular fleet. This is a significantshift from its decades-old practice. Since Mr. Lohani joined Air India as CMD,he have taken positive steps to solve long pending demands of staff. And nowthis step is first of its kind by any Indian carrier, comes at a time when AirIndia is battling staff issues as well as poor on time performance.
In recent times, there have also beeninstances where flights got delayed due to non-availability of the type-ratedcrew. With an ambitious long-term perspective and fleet expansion plans,the airline anticipates to add more number of crew in the coming months.
Atpresent, it has around 3,500 cabin crew. Trainingthe cabin crew for various types of aircraft would provide multiple benefitsfor the employees including better flexibility in rostering. And thecabin crew would have satisfaction with the option of flying in internationalas well as domestic routes.
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