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MLA Sangeet Singh Som admits he was director of Al-Dua
Sardhana| Sangeet Singh Som, the fiery BJP MLA at the forefront of the frenzied anti-beef protests andan accused in the Muzaffarnagar riots, founded one of India’s leading halalmeat export companies, revealed by The Hindu. Thecompany, Al-Dua Food Processing Private Ltd, was founded by Mr. Som, along withMoinuddin Qureshi and a third partner, to deal in meat and meat products in2005. According to Al-Dua’s website, the company is now a “leading producer andexporter of halal meat from India.” Mr.Som’s role in promoting the company is at variance with the BJP’s campaign, ledby Prime Minister Narendra Modi who during the Lok Sabha polls, called thegrowing meat exports the “pink revolution.” Mr. Modi and others have said thatthe growing meat exports were a cover for slaughter of cows.
“There was nothing about meat. I am a pureHindu and would do nothing to hurt Hindu sentiment. You would be surprised toknow that despite being a Thakur I don’t eat even egg and start my day with ahavan,” he said.
Accordingto the Memorandum of Association of Al-Dua Food Processing, filed on December19, 2005, the company, which exports halal meat to Arab countries, was started“to carry on the business of (sic) manufacturers, producers, processors,buyers, sellers of and dealers in meat, meat products…
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